LR44 Batteries
LR44 Batteries - 1.5 Volt Button Battery

About LR44
LR44 is the most popular button alkaline battery in the market. It is the largest one of the button batteries with the highest capacity to keep your electronics working for many hours.

Buying Guide
The lowest prices for LR44 batteries will be from online stores due to the competition and many generic brands available. You can buy retail packs and even bulk trays.  For a retail pack, they come in packs of 10.  Expect to pay no more than $2.50 per pack shipped which is about 25 cents per battery.
In your local store, you can find Energizer equivalent batteries called the 357 battery.  It is a silver oxide battery instead of an alkaline battery which has a longer life.  However, they run about $3 per battery, so you get a much better deal buying LR44 cells.

Technical Data
Diameter 11.4 mm
Height 5.2 mm
Capacity 150 mAh

Also Known As
AG13, L1154

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